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Our 38 rooms offer a unique and intimately cosy world where every detail is linked to the great masters of the theatre: Molière, Feydeau and Cocteau.

All our rooms include Air conditioning and free Wi-fi connection.

Some rooms are available with a small terrace.


Jean Cocteau handled words with force, precision and exquisite beauty, his work characterised by a heightened sensitivity.

Les Parents Terribles, Orphée, L'Aigle à Deux Têtes and the classic 1946 film version of Beauty and the Beast ...
the Cocteau universe is expressed in all three categories of rooms. Each fully equipped, some with a terrace.

Each of these rooms, with their lamps, colourful carpets, lithographs and general ambience, are a journey into the heart and soul of Cocteau.


Georges Feydeau, a playwright of the Belle Epoque, was the grand master of Vaudeville farce rich in comedic
plot twists and hilarious misunderstandings.

His wonderful works include La Puce à l'Oreille, Le Système Ribadier and La Dame de Chez Maxim.
Fully equipped Feydeau themed rooms are available in our Classic category.
Enjoy the inimitable style, baroque furniture and exquisite decor of these rooms.


Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière, was a master of comedy and satire with an underlying serious purpose.

He created brilliant plays that influenced French comedy for generations. His classics are many; Dom Juan, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme ,
Le Malade Imaginaire... and the Classic rooms designed in homage to his genius a full range of facilities.

Enter the burlesque world of Molière and enjoy an unforgettable stay.