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Unusual attractions in the Sentier

Unusual attractions in the Sentier

Published on 1 July 2022 in Visit Paris

The Sentier district, situated between the Rue Réaumur and the Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, is an old yet increasingly vibrant district in the heart of Paris. Best known for clothing and textiles, the area also expresses the creativity of its inhabitants in many other ways. Wander the streets around the Hotel Les Théâtres and you’ll discover some unusual places…


A journey through history

First head to where the Rue de Cléry and the Rue Beauregard meet, a few steps from the Hotel Les Théâtres. You cannot miss the strange building called the Pointe Trigano. Dating back to the 16th or 17th century, it is less than six metres across, the city’s slimmest building! Although barely wide enough to provide space for one room, it is indeed inhabited. The 18th century poet André Chénier once lived there. For photography enthusiasts, it offers fun possibilities for playing with perspective... It’s also a reminder of the expansion of Paris, being built on some of the city’s old fortifications. 


Freshness and creativity

Continue your walk to 83 Rue d'Aboukir and its ‘oasis’. There’s not a camel in sight, however, as it’s a huge plant wall of 250 m² which occupies an entire pediment. A true ode to biodiversity, it’s a figurative oasis of freshness. A few steps away, you can discover a fresco by the street artist Combo Culture Kidnapper, who generated a measure of controversy with his huge image of Captain Haddock kissing Tintin. The tenderness and the message of benevolence and acceptance that emanate from this bold work of art illuminate the street. This fresco also symbolises the desire of the City of Paris to be more inclusive towards the LGBT+ community.


The Sentier district is constantly reinventing itself. During your stay at the Hotel Les Théâtres, don’t miss the opportunity to stroll through this district and discover its unusual attractions... 


Photo: photoopus

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