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Mugler Follies; The cutting edge of cabaret

Mugler Follies; The cutting edge of cabaret

Published on 7 November 2014 in Entertainment

If you love colourful, imaginative, daring and spectacular stage performances, then you need look no further than Mugler Follies. This sensational cabaret show has won rave reviews far and wide and has become one of the must-see stage shows in Paris this season. You can enjoy this cutting edge presentation right now at Le Comedia, a registered historic monument and 1930s style theatre just a pleasant five minute walk from the Hotel Les Théâtres.

A show unlike anything You have seen before

Manfred Thierry Mugler is a uniquely creative individual. He is a dancer, fashion designer, photographer, director and perfumier. He founded his own haute couture label, Maison Thierry Mugler and created Angel, the international best-selling perfume. Now he has turned his attention once more to the cabaret revue, an art form that he considers allows him the greatest range of creative freedom.

Mugler Follies tells the story of a woman whose dream is to be a tightrope walker. Via a series of unusual encounters she does indeed come to achieve her personal balance. Her journey combines spectacle, joy, eroticism, magic, technology, performance, music and some of the most amazing stage costumes and effects that you have ever seen. With a new ambience for each scene the talents of acrobats, dancers, singers, actors and models come together in a tour de force of visual imagery, conceptual daring and entrancing music that will leave you spellbound and wanting more. Come and see why this show is the talk of Paris and why Manfred Thierry Mugler is still a creative dynamic to be reckoned with.


Show Mugler Follies : Le Comédia Theatre, 4 boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris 10e
Tel. 0033 (0)9 83 75 37 08
Metro, "Strasbourg-Saint-Denis" station (lines 4, 8 et 9)


Crédits photographie : Manfred Thierry Mugler - Nouveau Mugler Follies - Fourmi et affiche

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