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Jean Cocteau: Studio 28 and our themed rooms

Jean Cocteau: Studio 28 and our themed rooms

Published on 13 December 2021 in Entertainment

At the Hotel les Théâtres, there is always an author or artist whom we want to share with you in an unusual, anecdotal or more serious way. Today, we take you in the footsteps of the multitalented writer, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau to a place where he left his mark: Studio 28. Follow us!


Studio 28 and Jean Cocteau

Situated on the hill of Montmartre, Studio 28 was the first avant-garde cinema to be established on the Right Bank. From its opening in 1928, it became a creative hub for committed artists who met there to exchange ideas and draw inspiration from the place, including such greats as Luis Buñuel, Abel Gance, Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais. In the years that followed, Studio 28 had a tumultuous history but throughout it all the cinema maintained its commitment to showing films that fascinate, challenge and sometimes divide opinion. The benevolent godfather of this classic art house movie theatre was Cocteau ...


A room with a Cocteau theme

Planning a stay at the Hotel les Théâtres? Then, why not book a room with a Cocteau theme? You’ll be immersed in the world of the artist, writer and filmmaker through the choice of colours, lithographs and decorative details such as the lamp of dreams. Continue the thematic journey by treating yourself to a visit to Studio 28. The cinema, which has been modernised and offers cutting edge sound and visual clarity, has a unique atmosphere. In the corridors, at the bar and on the terrace, the spirits of the greats seem to linger, including Cocteau... Many previews take place there. Check out the programme!


Less than 20 minutes by Metro from your Hotel les Théâtres, Studio 28 preserves the memories of those who made major contributions to the history of cinema, such as Jean Cocteau. You can also find his spirit and world in your room.



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